Turn a Girl on

12 Best Turn a Girl on Naughty Tricks (2021)

Turn a Girl on with these 12 Naughty Tricks

Men and especially women are quite different in matters concerning turning on. It could help if you knew that those things which turn on guys are not applicable for women, and the reverse is true. In this discreet article, you will learn about turning a girl on tricks and how to eat pussy like a pro, thus making your chick orgasm uncountable times.

Man, did you know that these ladies have a type of break that prevents them from being turned on? That’s crazy, right? Well, it is your job to ensure that these brakes no longer work, and this is achieved after you know the meaning of turning a girl on. Turning a girl on ensures that she can’t wait to have your large meat inside her after, let’s say, foreplay. Without much ado, let’s dive into different ways that will make your girl super wet, increase her heartbeat and make her go crazy.


  • Gentlemen Start It Slow With Soft Touches

You know what that means. Don’t you? Ahem, this should be done while in a good setting, say towards the end of your date or when you are serious with the Netflix and chill stuff. The point here is that never save such touches to use them during the action. Gentle and sexy touches insinuate that you desire to do more. Let’s jump to the second point.


  • Caress her!

Now, this point should not be confused with point one. Here is an in-depth explanation of caressing. You can either start by brushing her back lightly by use of your fingers going over her cute face. Locking eyes with her during this moment are bonus points. This act is quite significant when you plan to turn a girl on instantly. 


  • Do Them Soft Whispers in Her Ear

In case you didn’t know, ears are quite an erogenous region for both sexes. Do you know what makes your babe feel good? It’s that light pressure of your breath. Therefore, whenever you say them sexy and naughty things, she will probably be turned on. You could try saying something like, “You were the only thing ringing on my mind today.” Such words trigger those hormones, and she’ll be wet in a minute. Try this out if you want to turn a girl on at once.


  • Play With Her Hair

Research has it that the scalp has a massive network of veins; thus, it is considered a quite sensitive region for many individuals. Therefore, the light (NOTE: light, not hard) tugging triggered when you play with her hair makes her feel nice. Twirl her braids, run your fingers smoothly through it, or even stroke it. This technique is quite effective when you plan on turning a girl on like a shot.


  • Play With Her Wrists

It makes you a real man when you find the confidence to take that first move. My guy, take hold of her hand. Whenever you are holding hands, try to stroke the inner part of her wrist lightly. You can also do this on her palm. Another magic is to try some kisses on the inner part of her wrist.


  • Hold the back of her neck

Suppose you’ve got your arm on her shoulders; it could help if you run your thumb gently over her hairline. You can also offer to treat her with a neck rub. However, ensure you do this like a pro by keeping your motions light and slow. It will make her nipples hard and her coochie wet.


  • Her legs are no exception

Assuming that you are not sure whether she can give in to this, just make a trial of laying your hand on her thigh. The technique is also entirely appropriate when you are both seated. Ensure that your arm is resting lightly on her thighs. A good man reads his woman’s reactions and if she seems receptive, starts moving your arm back and forth over her thigh but in a diligent manner. It is unnecessary to move your entire arm, but try keeping it in place and use your fingers.


  • It’s Time to Drive Her Crazy

After introducing her to the mood, it’s now time that you advanced your moves. Get more dirty and sinful to make her want more. To achieve that, follow these steps keenly.


  • Kiss around her mouth

You must have run a finger lightly on your lips at one point in life, and you can’t forget the feeling. There’s some sensitive skin around your mouth’s edge because of the many nerve cells. Therefore, kiss your woman on the corner of the mouth while denying her a nice kiss for a while. This shit drives her crazy.


  • Perform those pelvic and stomach kisses

By now, you know that the inner thighs and the neck are obvious spots. Be informed that there are more sensitive parts of the body. To ensure that she’s writhing, try some kisses along her ribs, her stomach curve just past the abs and just below the waistline. This technique lets you set her coochie on fire.


  • Undress her when she’s ready

To turn a girl on is one thing you should ensure is done before undressing her. Therefore, never should you undress her hurriedly because it should also be part of the experience rather than a hurdle. You should also ensure that you do random things to turn a girl on, like sexually stripping her. Since these ladies take quite some time dressing up, be careful when employing the turning a girl on gestures.


  • Bring in the smidgen of kink

To ensure that you are turn a girl on erotically, there is no need to go wild. Try something like a blindfold or tie her arms so that she concentrates on what she feels. All you should do is to ensure that she consents.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, turning a girl on affectionately really needs you to invest in her anatomy. You could experiment this by use of a suitable primer talking about female anatomy. Ensure your girl is comfortable before you start touching her. I hope you enjoyed this piece. Thank you!


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