5 Best Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

Extreme Pleasure (2021): 5 Best Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

Be prepared not to have that incredible missionary position for months, but that should not worry you. There are many sex positions you could pull off if you are in dire need of that post-orgasm feel. Generally, sex is all about body enjoyment, closeness and intimacy. Never should you get worried that penetrative sex will hurt the baby since there are several ways around that.

Clinical therapists have confirmed that sex has more to do than just penetration. They also insinuate that intimacy involves many forms like oral sex, kissing, anal sex, breast pleasure and fantasy. It could also help if you knew that manual and oral sex are vital components in any relationship. Research more on oral sex styles, play with some sex toys and if a thing feels out of line, please get in touch with your doctor.

It could also help if you thought of pregnancy as a good experimentation period. This is quite essential in the initial stages of your pregnancy, for it will help you figure out the ideal position that suits you and your partner. If you have questions on how to adjust for excellent abdominal comfort during sex with your partner, fret not! We are going to take you through the best sex positions for a pregnant womanLet’s dive in!

5 Best Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

  • Try sex from behind.

You should note that this position is the most recommended  among the best sex positions for a pregnant woman by many sex educators for it suits both partners. Upon all your fours, the position ensures that pressure is kept off the belly, thus allowing the expectant partner to be more comfortable as they have pleasure.

It could be wise to utilize towels, pillows or blankets to ensure that your partner gets more comfort during this pregnancy sex position. Other sex educators advise that there is a need for the man to control the penetration depth. This is so because, in such a position, the woman may feel like the dick is hitting the cervix. This feeling is rather uncomfortable.

5 Best Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

This is one position among the top sex positions for a pregnant woman during the first and beginning of the second trimesters. However, at the end of the second trimester, you should be aware that your belly has now added almost two pounds, thus the reason why you should start to avoid balancing in your fours in the last two months.

  • Woman on top

Take your time and go aboard! Imagine this position is also approved by science since it ensures that there is increased sexual satisfaction. As a woman, you will have complete control when it comes to penetration, thus allowing you to hit that G-spot when you feel like.

However, to ensure that you remain comfortable, you need to adjust by widening your stance or slightly leaning back since this prevents the belly weight from leaning you to the front. This is both a 2nd-trimester sex position and a first-trimester sex positions for a pregnant womanAs stated earlier, it helps hit the right vaginal spots.


5 Best Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

Please ensure that you avoid deep penetration as you approach the third trimester. This should also be a consideration, especially when your pussy is quite sensitive. By avoiding deep penetrations, you will be avoiding instances like cervix irritation and accidental bleeding.

  • Spooning sex

Damn! That position is quite extraordinary. What makes it more incredible is its comfort. The comfort is brought by the sense that your partner holds you and fucks you from behind as you lay down while you face away from each other. However, if your man is penetrating or not, it could help if you asked him to touch the clit because right there is where the honey pot is. It’s important to know that the position could be quite comforting if your belly is held during the late trimesters.


Spooning sex Position for a pregnant woman

This position is an excellent third-trimester pregnancy sex position because it puts less pressure on the belly.

  • Reverse Cowgirl

This sex position allows you to straddle your partner since it is among the best sex positions for a pregnant woman for your second and first trimesters. However, you should ensure that you keep the clitoral stimulation on point while enjoying those moments.

Reverse cow girl sex position for a pregnant woman


Because of this position’s technicality, it gets pretty daunting when your belly grows bigger as time goes by. Suppose this position is on your favorite list, please learn how to adjust your weight by leaning back and placing your hands behind you to ensure that you have maximum support.


  • Do it while standing.

This position is among the most favorable among the top sex positions for a pregnant woman if the pregnancy is below twenty weeks. Lean forward a little bit and let your partner hold your waist. It’s considered a great position below twenty weeks because your abdominal distention can lead to more balance difficulties, thus making the position a little challenging.

Because of that, you will be risking falling. As the pregnant partner, please place your palms against the wall since this allows for increased stability. However, you should seek a solid ground. A point to note is that it is not recommended for you to stand on anything for stability and security. Never use a ladder, yoga blocks or a chair.

5 Best Sex Positions for a Pregnant Woman

Worried about which trimester is best for the position? Well, experiment with this during your first and second trimesters. However, as the belly grows, it might be pretty challenging to hold the position. If your partner finds it pleasurable, please device a way that allows you to incorporate it at the end of your intercourse.

Final Verdict

Since you understand sex positions for a pregnant woman meaningthere are those women who become less willing for foreplay or do not get all that horny when pregnant. Feel free, open that joy box and put that magic wand to good use. Yes! You can use all types of vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, balls, insertables and G-spot stimulators to make that moment lit. However, ensure that all those toys are kept super clean. Suppose you want to shop for a new prop, ensure that it’s made from high-grade materials like body-safe latex, glass or silicone. Try the above top pregnancy sex positions for a pregnant woman for more pleasure today.

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