Female Ejaculation (2021); 7 Steps Guide on How to Squirt

Female Ejaculation (2021); 7 Best Steps Guide on How to Squirt

It doesn’t matter what you might have heard concerning squirting because you don’t necessarily need a penis to squirt. However, if you have ever experienced the same, you understand the meaning of female ejaculation. You, therefore, understand that the elusive sex sensation called squirting is not impossible.

Apparently, in some women, the sensation does come naturally. This is the reverse for others, but it is quite possible to learn. This means that you could make yourself squirt easily during sex. This is the main purpose of the article. Please take your time and read carefully through the piece because, in the end, you would have female ejaculation tips on how to fire off that liquid stream of erotic bliss upon reaching the climax.

Steps on How to Squirt on Your First Time

All you need to know about female ejaculation is that you will never know how it feels until you give it a try. Therefore, if you are this curious type of chick about squirting matters, follow the steps below when in bed with that beast of yours. You will love it!

  • Make Your Bed Ready…Just in Case you Know

Assuming that you succeed in female ejaculation, things may turn out into a tad… messy. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a few precautions if you are worried about oversaturating your beddings. It is quite an interesting but also dirty experience.

Some popular erotic educators recommend that you use the Liberator Fascinator since it is designed to soak up liquids, not to forget that it is quite softer than many towels.

  • Stay Chilled and Concentrate on Getting Turned on

Ladies, it is quite important if you knew that whenever you want to squirt, there is a need for you to stay patient with not only your body but also yourself. According to the female ejaculation 101 guide, it takes some pretty good time to experience a feel for it. Additionally, when your BF is drilling you so deep and hitting the G-Spot, it is important for you to reduce those stressful thoughts you might be having.

7 Steps Guide on How to Squirt

This is recommended because, in most ladies, sex begins in the brain. That is also why it is recommended for you to begin the mental seduction early in the day. Earlier seduction involves all those sinful and dirty talks, not to forget cleaning the bedroom to ensure that nothing is stressing you out during that paradise moments.

  • Turn All Your Focus On The Clit

Yes, that’s exactly what you should do. Make sure that you have focused on ensuring that your clitoris is stimulated fully. Stimulation of your clit ensures that blood is supplied efficiently to the region, thus making your G-spot region ready for play. You can achieve this by using a vibrator or your finger. But why don’t you make this session incredible by trying out the magic of your man’s tongue? You will surely love it.

  • Make Your G-Spot Stimulated By Placing A Lot of Pressure on It

Here is how you achieve this sexual moment. When you are horny, it means that you are fully turned on, and therefore, start by placing your middle finger and that long ring finger a few inches inside your pussy and gently rub your G-spot.

You must be wondering how you locate your G-spot. Fret not because you will identify it as a small ridged area along the end of your vaginal walls. Indeed, women are anatomically unique. Please ensure that you conduct this process for an extended period.

7 Steps Guide on How to Squirt

It could help if you also knew that as you stroke that erectile tissue surrounding your urethra, what you are practicing is changing the angle of your urethra to the bladder, making it quite easier for the fluid to be pushed out. A bonus point is; to ensure that your odds of squirting are increased, make sure that you relax your pelvic floor muscles in the event of stimulating your G-spot. Once again, if the finger thing sounds too much, feel free to use a vibrator or dildo. Make those memories today.

  • You Could Also Use A Toy If You Need Help

People are usually stuck around the question, can a girl squirt? The significant point here is G-spot stimulation, and every girl is good to go with female ejaculation. For all the ladies in the house, be informed that your G-spot is two inches in and an inch up inside your coochie, to be precise. Therefore, whenever you want to use a toy, which refers to a dildo or vibrator, you should ensure that it has some reasonable length and a slight curve going upwards—something like a banana. You feel me?

Female Ejaculation (2021); 7 Steps Guide on How to Squirt

  • Peeing Should Not Be a Stress To You

Most women do not understand when learning how to squirt is that you will always has the feeling to pee whenever you are almost reaching an O. Now you know. That gotta-go feeling usually kicks in when the Skene’s glands’ fluid behind the G-spot oozes out.

Female Ejaculation (2021); 7 Steps Guide on How to Squirt

When you know when to squirt, you should never be stressed, even if pee comes out because sex is sweet, but it can also be messy since several fluids are already involved. Who gives a damn, even if that is urine?

  • Have Control Over Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pleasure in squirting is all that you want to explore. Therefore, ensure that you have complete control over your pelvic muscles since it’s also helpful. The right time to use your pelvic floor is when you feel like peeing. Avoid tightening and encourage pushing out even though this needs practice. This is the reason why female ejaculation is so sweet.

The Bottom Line

Now, since you have the full meaning of female ejaculation, please ensure that you are not too hard on yourself by making yourself compassionate in case you don’t reach the O. Whenever you realize that you cannot reach this climax, it means that the natural impulse in your body is adapted to keeping everything intact when you are busy. My dear, relax, enjoy the female ejaculation moment, and if the climax is achieved, it’s achieved!



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